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777 Oil
Research and Development
Research and Development
777 Oil from Dr. JRK’s Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd shall be known as Dr. JRK’s 777 Oil.
Studies and evaluation done on Dr. JRK's 777 Oil
Mechanism of action of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil
The pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted over the years revealed that the application of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil retards the cell division and inflammatory responses. In vitro study on the effect of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil on cultured cells was carried out using fast growing cell line SKV 14. Significant reduction in cell multiplication was observed. Dr. JRK's 777 Oil selectively block the mitosis event especially the early anaphase. This was reconfirmed in Onion root tip mitosis assay. Dr. JRK's 777 Oil affects both early anaphase and late metaphase. The rate of cell multiplication retardation is calculated as 40-60%. This properity of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil re-confirmed in Guinea pig. Hyperkeratosis was induced in the flank region of the Guinea pig using a mutagen . Dr. JRK's 777 Oil was applied parelelly to study its effect on hyperkeratisos. It was recorded that Dr. JRK's 777 Oil arrests the level of cell multiplication to 58-63%. The isolated cells were further stained with fluorescent dye and found that spindle and microtubule formation has occurred in the treated cells.

Further Cytokine ELISA was done using the samples to study the co-stimulatory molecule profile in the psoriatic condition and the effect of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil on them. IL80 and Lymphokine 41 were found to have blocked during Dr. JRK's 777 Oil applications. Receptor binding mechanism would have resulted in this phenomenon. The effect on Dr. JRK's 777 Oil on the IL 40 may answer for its efficacy on the inflammatory changes of psoriasis. The experiment was carried out on EPISKIN and EPIDERM model. This study was carried out mainly to find out the dose dependent action of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil. Various concentrations of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil was prepared viz., 1,2,3,5,10,20,30,40,50 and 60 mg/ml. 20mg/ml of the drug was effective in achieving 82% reduction. This concentration is found to have no cytotoxic effect.
Concentration of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil in mg/ml % reduction of cell multiplication (Mean) SD
1 12.8 ± 0.112
2.5 32.6 ± 1.28
5 41.8 ± 1.56
10 68.4 ± 0.223
20 82 ± 1.23
30 84 ± 0.08
40 83 ± 1.47
50 71 ± 1.04
60 0-* -
-* = necrosis was observed
% reduction of cell division after treated with Dr. JRK's 777 Oil at Various concentrations
reduction of cell division after treated with 777 Oil at Various concentrations
Concentration in mg/ml
Further extrapolation study was carried out to understand the boosting effect of UVA to Dr. JRK's 777 Oil treatments. Four sets of fast growing cell lines SKV 14 were maintained in RPMI 1640 medium. The first set was maintained as control whereas the second set was treated with 30mg/ml concentration of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil. The 3 set was treated with 30mg/ml concentration of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil + UVA exposure (40 jules) for 2 minutes for 3 days. The fourth set was maintained only with UVA exposure (2 minutes for 3 days). The cells from all the sets were harvested after 3 days and the protein content and DNA were analyzed. The mRNA was also estimated. Dr. JRK's 777 Oil treatment retards cell division to 56 % as against 59% reduction when UVA alone was used. The combination of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil and UVA exerted 84% arrest in cell division proving the greater synergy between the two methods of treatment. All the above experiments clearly indicate the unique and selective action of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil on keratinocyte proliferation inhibition
Tmax, Cmax, AUC of single oral dose of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil in Guinea pig model revealed that peak concentration o 68.3 ng /ml reached in about 20 minutes. Retention time was observed to be 3 hrs.
Immunomodulatory property of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil
Dr. JRK's 777 Oil was studied for its immunomodulatory property both by in vitro and in vivo techniques. The phagocytes were isolated from the peritoneal cavity of Balp C mice after injecting with thyoglycolate. The phagocytes were washed and fixed on a flat bottom ELISA plate and were maintained in RPMI 1640. The adhered phagocytes were pre-treated with different dilutions of Dr. JRK's 777 Oil for 20 minutes. Later the cells were infected with opsonized fungal cells of Candida albicans. The level of phagocytosis and phagocytic killing (phagocytic Index, PI) were calculated by the following formula PI = Test / contro l Similarly, Dr. JRK's 777 Oil was administered orally to mice after injecting with SRBC (Sheep Red Blood Cells) and the level of antibody production was estimated by haemagglutination.

Immunomodultory studies with Dr. JRK's 777 Oil reveal that Dr. JRK's 777 Oil can significantly increase both phagocyte and antibody mediated immunity.

Clinical and experimental studies on the efficacy of 777 Oil a herbal preparation - CCRAS

The efficacy of 777 Oil was confirmed on 300 cases taken up for trials in the out patient department of Central Research Institute, Siddha at Chennai, India between 1980 and 1986. The results were published in the Monograph by Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi in 1987.

The results together with the follow-up study indicated 777 Oil proved to be an ideal drug that provided marked relief from clinical symptoms, broke the cycle of recurrence, minimizes extent of complications and prevents complications completely. Long-term application did not invite or foresee any hazards, unlike steroidal formulations.

Papers presented in Domestic and International conferences by Dr. J.R.Krishnamoorthy

Dr. J.R. Krishnamoorthy and his associates have presented a number of research and clinical study papers in Domestic and International forums.

" Genesis of 777 Oil", presented at the Workshop on Psoriasis, organized by CCRAS, 1987

"Herbal treatment for Psoriasis" - A report on Clinical Research with special focus on Histopathological aspect - International Conference on Traditional Medicine Chennai 1986

"777 Oil, The Siddha herbal treatment for Psoriasis" - First World Congress on Oriental Medicines and Yoga, Bangkok 1988

Clinical trials done by Kilpauk Medical College Hospital , Chennai, India

30 patients were put to treatment with 777 Oil for a period of 12 weeks. In a majority of the cases, the clinical symptoms started receding within the period of study. 777 Oil was found to a great extent, an ideal drug for the treatment of Psoriasis. It was found to be clinically effective, Non-toxic, cosmetically acceptable and economic. The findings results of the above study done by Prof. Dr. J.M. Boopalraj, Dr. Frederick Manuel et al. were presented at the 23rd National Conference of IADV&L (Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venerologists and Leprologists) in 1995 at Chennai and later published in the March 1997 issue of "The Antiseptic" Medical Journal.

Paper presented at the 19th World Congress of Dermatology , Sydney , Australia

A paper titled " Treatment of psoriasis with Wrightia tinctoria leaf extract" was presented by Dr. Frederick Manuel at the above conference in June 1997. The paper highlighted that the extracts of the leaves of the plant are effective and inexpensive for the treatment of psoriasis and that most patients had long remissions on follow-up. The paper was presented on the basis on the basis of the trials done at the Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.

Clinical trials at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, India

Dr. H.K. Kar and Dr. Mrs.Vandana Jain an ICMR Member studied about 25 patients of either sex at the Hospital comparing the topical application of Calcipotriol and 777 Oil in the treatment of Psoriasis. Results were presented at the 25th National Conference of IADV&L at Guwahati, India in 1997. The study indicated that 777 Oil is a more acceptable and cost effective alternative for the treatment of Psoriasis. 777 Oil showed a higher percentage reduction of the mean PASI than Calcipotriol in the 12-week period.

Study done at King George Hospital , Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh , India

Dr. P. Lakshmi, Professor and Head of Department of Dermatology together with her colleagues undertook a study on 30 patients showed that after the 12 week trial study 8 patients showed 100% improvement, 4 patients showed 75% improvement and 18 patients showed 50% improvement. Further studies of long term in nature are underway. The study concludes that Wrightia tinctoria does have a place in the treatment of psoriasis in maintaining remission and that it is safe, effective and inexpensive compared to other treatment modalities used in psoriasis patients.

Use experience reports of practising Dermatologists.

777 Oil and Psorolin Ointment have been drugs of choice for many practising Dermatologists in India and under their care, more and more patients are benefiting. Their observations have been encouraging. There are many more Dermatologists, General Physicians and practitioners of alternative medicines who share the observation. A few are presented below:

"An ideal drug for the treatment of Psoriasis should have all the following characteristics- Effectiveness, Relative non-toxicity, Cosmetic applicability, and Cheapness (economical) . In my experience I have found that 777 Oil satisfies all these parameters to a great extent"

" The more chronic the lesion the more striking is the improvement with the application of 777 Oil"

" 777 Oil can be considered as one of the drugs of choice for the treatment, control and overall management of Psoriasis"

" I have personally prescribed 777 Oil to some of my eligible patients and I found the results encouraging. Most of my patients got good remission"

" I would like to thank Dr. JR Krishnamoorthy for introducing 777 Oil on scientific lines in the treatment of Psoriasis and conclude that 777 Oil is really a breakthrough in the management of all types of Psoriasis"

"For the last few years I have been trying 777 Oil for my patients and I find the results are very effective in regard to several signs and symptoms affecting patients. Most of my patients had no remissions for a long period. None of my patients complained of any side effects"

" 777 Oil is an ideal drug for psoriasis and has no side effects"

" I have been prescribing 777 Oil and Psorolin Ointment to my Psoriasis patients and some cases of Seborrhic dermatitis with satisfactory results. Psorolin Ointment gives good results for Pityriasis Versicolor."

Effect of 777 Oil on co-stimulatory molecules in Psoriatic condition

co-stimulatory molecules in Psoriatic condition
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